Zehrawi Palace

Al -Zehrawi Palace is located in AL-Hamediah Avenue, its built return to the “ Mamlouk” era and is one of the most important archaeological in Homs.
Its name return to the family which lived in and used it as a place for governance in Homs after using
“Al-Osama Castle”, at the end of AL-assadia family rule which was the governor in Homs for a long time ; the building construction and its military immunization refers to that, it divides into two main parts ;
The first one “ The Big Dar “ involves three wings: north, south and west this return to “Mamlouk” era ”thirteen century” the picture refers to the one who built it “ Ali Ben Abi Alfadel Alazahery”
The second one was called “The Palace” which includes the north part , it returns to ”Ottoman” era
( the last of eighteen century and the first of nineteen century) its builder “Ahmad Abou Al Maaly AlKady”
This part was built on two Byzantine cellars , also it was discovered under these cellars the graveyard Which returns to the first Christian centuries .
In the eastern it was another building which has special corner and mosque By ”Mousse Ben Zahra” , and the last adding to the palace is the western side by “Abd AlQader AlZehrawi”.
We can also notice the Persian influence specially the brackets on walls , which meet at the top to form the big arc, also the horseshoe is one of the architectural traditions "Abbasid", there are stalactites "Ayyubid" decoration "Mamluk", and we find dating back to the "Umayyad" on one of the palace walls.
Department of Antiquities has recently renovated the palace and will soon be opened as a museum of popular traditions and handicrafts.
It will has all the handicrafts which disappeared in its wings or the industries will disappear, and some kinds of old furniture, clothes and public weapons in Homs. Also there will be a hall about old games for children.